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Decent Into Madness

In his Descent of Madness series, Dr. Donner takes his readers on a psychological journey following complex distorted personalities.

The first book, “Descent Into Madness- the fire within”, draws readers into the world of a mysterious pyromaniac seeking to avenge past emotional traumas. Meet Dr. Edgar Green… Admired by almost the entire hospital staff, it is believed Dr. Edgar Green has no professional equals. His success as a psychiatrist is viewed as a feather in the hospital’s cap as well as in his own. But what no one knows is that he is not as perfect as they think. During a routine mental health meeting at the hospital, Dr. Green learns that an outbreak of suspicious fires that have plagued the city over the past year have now become lethal.

As a serial arsonist continues to evade the authorities, the psychiatrist receives a strange, nondescript letter from a woman locked in a self-imposed prison who requests his help in a very unorthodox manner, in a desperate attempt to save herself.

While Dr. Green immerses himself in Edyth Verte’s case, the alleged arsonist is arrested. But when a local psychologist is assigned to evaluate the pyromaniac in prison, she cannot shake the feeling that something does not feel right.

In this psychological thriller, a tormented soul battles dark voices as a murderous arsonist terrorizes a city desperate to escape a fiery wrath. This book is a whirlwind of drama filled with psychological suspense.

Boundaries of Hell

This is the second book in the Descent Into Madness Series - It is entitled The Boundaries of Hell - Emergence of the Beast. This book is the follow-up to Descent Into Madness - The Fire Within.

The power of a single, unexpected rose.

It's yellow.

That means friendship...Right?

Dr. Helen deJarden is always one step ahead of the game. Her daily midday walks and cloud gazing give her the mind reset she needs to see deep into her client’s psychology and masterfully guide them to major personal breakthroughs -with utmost kindness. Clients hug her. She allows that boundary to fall to the wayside and she likes the way that feels.

The TV blares her name. The city knows who she is. It makes her feel shifty with the attention she's receiving, however if it helps her clients, then she'll go there. Don't mess with her in the process though. You want her on your team.

But when Helen's success begins to pale in the emergence of weird happenings outside of her control, her usually steady footing goes shaky. She feels steps behind. She tries to catch up; to maintain her edge.

Complex Hostage negotiations, clients with signs of stigmata and being possessed by old vexed saints, the burial of a beloved rat, synergies with clients who start to see her own fractures. The loss of friends and the surprising grace of new ones.

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